Two world firsts here – Wrigley’s 5 gum has joined forces with 20th Century Fox’s new cinema release X-Men First Class to create Limited Edition 5X Mutant Flavour Gum and I, with my team have just delivered a campaign that included the production of my first Cinema and TV ads!

Probably one of the largest and most involved projects I’ve managed since eBay in 2007, this project was extremely creative, so much fun and surprising smooth sailing considering it’s scale. Upon joining Soap Creative in November 2010, my responsibilities have been to bring this collaborative idea to market and mangage all aspects of production, client and partner liaison.

As this was a brand new product, concept and partnership everything was produced from scratch, with our only main requirement to keep aligned with the 5 gum corporate brand guidelines and legal requirements between 20th Century Fox and Marvel who have created the X-MEN movies.

Core delivearbles were to give 5 gum fans the opportunity to join the First Class by creating their own unique mutant alter-egos from millions of combinations at www.5XMutantGum.com, then battle each other’s mutants to win incredible money-can’t-buy prizes. Every pack of 5X contains a unique code which can be used to unlock more mutant powers.  This immersive website is the core of a multimedia campaign which includes digital, social, cinema, TV & point of sale.

Wrigley Pacific Marketing Director Andrew Leakey said, “5X is Wrigley Australia and New Zealand’s most innovative & ambitious campaign to date, and is designed to further boost 5’s credentials as the most progressive youth gum brand in the world.”

Soap Creative founder Ashley Ringrose said, “5X is one of the most exciting projects we’ve ever worked on. The opportunity to fuse the new X-Men movie together with 5, one of the coolest brands in the world, was a dream brief.”

OMD strategist Alex Houghton added, “It’s not often that an agency gets to create a new product, let alone something as amazing as 5X Mutant Flavour Gum. The extraordinary dedication of everyone involved in this project has created an incredible product and campaign.”

20th Century Fox Head of Promotions Kate Nicholls said, “X-Men First Class is an exciting new chapter in the X-Men franchise, and 5 gum’s incredibly innovative marketing approach makes it the perfect promotional partner for us.”


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